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WELCOME. You're here because you are looking for IT storage and networking products. We're here because we provide IT storage and networking products. That's great so far, but it gets better: SND Technology Inc. does much more than just provide IT products. As a one-stop shop for all your storage, server and networking needs, we have solutions that will help you save money and meet your IT requirements better.

In short, we can provide what you are looking for!


At SND Technology Inc., we've been serving our valued clients since 2005 with a high standard of commitment, professionalism and honesty not often seen in the industry. In fact, our customer service is designed to surpass that of any online retailer you currently do business with. That means we provide the storage and networking solutions you need to help you build, design and manage your information technology. Whether it's at a SOHO or enterprise level, we work for you as if you were our only client. The same goes for service when it comes to ordering, shipping, and product warranty inquiries. We're here to help – promptly, knowledgably, and courteously.


In the age-old battle between quality and price, SND Technology has called a truce. Our focus is our customers and we are aware that all our clients have different needs – so our solution is to offer a wide range of cost-effective storage and networking solutions at the best possible prices. We can provide you with everything that you need when it comes to IT storage and networking: servers and server parts, switches, routers, print servers, hard drives, memory sticks, and much more. Because over the years we have built solid and reliable relationships with leading global manufacturers of networking, server and storage products, we either already have or can easily get whatever you need, from the latest Cisco Nexus 9000-series switches to an HP chassis or a spare part for a legacy system.

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We love our brand names at SND Technology Inc.! We are proud to be an independent provider of the best in brand name IT equipment. You'll find HP-Compaq, CISCO, DELL, 3Com and Nortel here, but we also source the marketplace for the best products and pricing, so expect great deals on the off-brands, too. Of course, we also carry OEMquality refurbished products that do the job and help you save a bundle.


Since its inception almost ten years ago, our company has worked diligently to deliver the IT products and services our clients require to run their businesses. We're not about the quick sale; we develop long-term relationships with our clients to make sure your needs are served now, and for deals to come. When you select SND Technology Inc. you can trust us to deliver quality service.

Our commitment to our clients will ensure a smooth and hassle free process, from buying and selling to warranty inquiries of server, storage and networking equipment.

Interested? Please browse our online database of IT products and email us at for a comprehensive and competitive quote today!